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The Hospital Porter Part 2. Part 18

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Well into the job I was quite happy as I worked hard at that time, I had met lots of characters, some were cool, others were just pure assholes, like any job you always get them lol.

My mental health issues were escalating, I had good and bad days but never let them come between me and my job, I needed to work to get my mind off my issues and I did have some good times here, however, there were many bad days as well, like being bullied, yes there were many guys older than me, and they made sure you were going to abide by their rules or else lol.

I was put on a shift of mismatched men, they were recognized as being the guys who took no shit, did what they liked most of the time, and were let away with murder.
I was a bit dubious at first as there was a character in the team who dominated everyone and everything around him and what was worse his brother also worked in the same job but in a different team, he was a huge prominent man, well back then he was like a giant beside me, I was always dubious about talking to him, as he let off a persona of a lion when woken up or having its food taken away from him.

It was around a year in, we used to get food for free from the chefs in the hospital, I don’t know how that worked, but we did, so after we took out the meal trollies to the wards we were all allowed a break where we sat down in the Porters Lodge and had a meal of whatever the chefs kindly gave us, some chefs were cool, while others were pure evil, as in they didn’t like us, there was always a kind of ‘you’re better than us” attitude amongst them. We ate then we went back out to return the food trollies for the ladies to clean etc.


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