The Hospital Porter Part 21


As time went on I became the best of friends with my arch enemy, we did lots together, I used to go pick him up before we started work, I met his wife and daughter who were very nice..

The chef in the same Hospital was a good friend as well, he was always giving us food to take home, which always delighted my dad as he had more money for alcohol, at Christmas he would make Scottish shortbread for all of us, a real kind, nice guy, we even became friends out of work, him and his wife owned a Holiday chalet in Scotland, I used to drive them both down there, my payment was not having to spend a thing when we got there, I remember listening to Randy Crawford on the road, good times, we did that trip a lot of times.

His wife was a drinker she liked her booze, often she would be intoxicated but not horrible with it, she liked a good sing-song, often she would argue with her partner, he usually just ignored it but I could see it hurt him, he loved his wife, even though she was often unkind to him.

I have not named any names I prefer to keep them anonymous, serves well for the purpose of this e-book.
As the time flew by, the job I was so used to was getting quite enjoyable, the laughs were aplenty, never a dull moment, however, most of the times it was laughs at the other persons expense, they probably hated us at the time, and who can blame them


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