The Hospital Porter. Part 3. Part 19.

The job was going well, the people were weird, but after some time They started to get better, the characters were very strong, this particular guy was suffering from obesity and every opportunity he got he fell asleep which was usually daily, he sat down and instantly fell asleep, probably because of the weight he was carrying, aside from that he was a really nice person, he was kind to me, although I never really knew how he got away with napping on the job, the rest of the guys generally left him alone, he was a huge guy and being licked by him you would have felt it, in his defence, he did his job well during the day and usually napped after he was finished.

Our Chargehand (supervisor) was a good guy he was the head of the Union at that time, he fought hard for the workers, especially when it came to pay rises, a thing of the past nowadays but back then we fought tooth and nail to get a decent wage, we suffered in the “winter of discontent” a time when most industries and public service workers would strike for a better pay, normally we would lose money as we were out on strike unofficially but the union gave us some money to tide us over, thank goodness back then I wasn’t married, so I could afford a few days fewer wages, besides you had to go out or your life would be made a misery by the guys striking, that’s how it was back then and you just had to go with the flow.

Times were really hard back then and continued for a few years.


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