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The most wonderful time of the Year?

Hey folks, how are you? It’s near that time again, a time when the world goes mad! after all the shops are closed for ONE day in the UK lol, so we need to buy enough food for at least 3 weeks?

It always baffles me how everyone goes mad with shopping, yes you need to get your stuff in for Christmas, and why not get it in for the whole week, after all for some it is Holiday time, but for Millions, it’s just ONE day lol.

Hospital Staff, Emergency Services, Hotel staff, some Retail staff do not even get Christmas Day off, as they are on duty and its too bad if it falls on the day your working, after all, someone has to feed all you guys who go out for your Christmas dinners, but please spare a thought for these guys who have to sit in a corner with a mate eating the odd roast potato as they have to cook for everyone else.


Also spare a thought for the Workers who bring the Homeless off the streets to enjoy a Proper Christmas dinner, give them some kindness, and show them the right way to keep off the streets forever.

Also spare some thought for the elderly who do not get any visitors on Christmas Day, even the ones with Families who are too busy with their own family to worry about the elderly Parents, spare a thought and maybe even a place at your table for them.


I know many thousands of people donate to charities at this time of year to help with these things I have mentioned and your all gems.

Finally folks please spare a thought for the thousands of Homeless pets longing to get that someone special for Christmas, longing to be loved, longing to be wanted, spare a thought for them.


I wish all my readers and friends Worldwide, A Happy and carefree Christmas Thank you for all your support in 2019 x


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