The Working life. Part 12.


Hi folks, me again, here we are ready for another instalment in my Life with Mental Health issues.

It is funny, but as I write this, this week is Mental Health Awareness Month in the UK, its funny because the Government are pledging more money for the Service, why? Because its an election promise, and we all know how they turn out, usually they are forgotten about as soon as they get into power.
I have worked all of my life even with my issues, I have always felt that working would help, I have had various jobs, some I have liked others I have loathed and did my level best to get out there and find something else, but never have I left a job without having another one to go to.

I could have used my issues to get lots of time off work but I never have and never will, people who use their Mental Health issues in that way do not get any sympathy from me because I am living proof it can be done.
In the early years, I must have been prescribed many medications, some that worked for a wee while, and others that made me even more depressed, but we will discuss that later.

Work-life was pretty good, I was able to control my issues at work and always tried to be positive, being positive helped me, a kind of mental exercise were you cope but deep down your really not, if you understand what I am saying.
I made many friends over the Years, but because I wasn’t myself, I let most of them slip by me because I could not be bothered to make the effort, not that I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t.
My mood swings started to get worse by the day, I then realized I needed to see someone and pretty quick, so I made an appointment with my local Doctor.

more to come folks.


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