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The World is going mad.


Just when you think it cannot get any worse, sadly it does? what is going on? First, we are told to self-isolate, therefore the flood gates open, for all the “doomsday people”, to empty everything off the shelves in shops leaving nothing for the elderly (who are at the most vulnerable) and kids who are also at the most vulnerable?

It is clearly like a scene out of the “Walking dead” as people clamber to buy everything, even things they would never use from the shops, stocking up on litres of milk that would normally have a week or so life expectancy, but wait a minute you can freeze it so I guess their mentality is to buy the lot and freeze it?

I understand how serious this virus is, and it is scary, but for the love of God why are you panicking? why are you barricading yourself at home with thousands of pounds worth of groceries, when clearly you can go out anytime or send a relative for food if you need it.

Communities are setting up a “help chain” sending out a leaflet to people (where they live) asking them if they need help should they have to “self isolate” to contact a neighbour who will get anything they need so what is the point of panic buying?

Be safe people and calm down lol.

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