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Think Positive!

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When your in a positive mood
the World can be alive
but when it is all negative
You struggle to survive.
It depends on your slumber
if you had a good rest
your brain fully charged
And at its best.
You can make your day happy
if your mind is open and ready
not burdened with negativity
Be peaceful and steady.
Negativity as always can breed contempt
as your day ebbs and flows
dragging you down to a lowly state
Bitterness often grows.
Go with the flow
be powerful, survive
keep your mind on the good things
Be thankful, your alive.
In the end your a winner
of the battle, and the war
if you want to live on
you give life "what for"
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2 thoughts on “Think Positive!

  1. Gratitude is the attitude, for sure William. There is enough negativity and despair already. Funny side story…I was always told at work to have a positive attitude about what I deemed unnecessary change. My reply was, I am positive I have an attitude.

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