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Vape or con?

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Well I am back, yet another rant to keep me from going insane lol, you have no idea how much good it does me to vent here, it keeps me going and its better than punching a door or wall lol. 

Anyway today I want to discuss VAPING.

The Government in their wisdom wants or prefers everyone to stop smoking and encouraged Companies to invent another way of smoking but without the deadly chemicals in a real cigarette.
The boom of vaping has taken the world by storm, even people who have never smoked like to vape with their friends, as of today no one can tell whether vaping is dangerous to your health or not, however, it is not dangerous to your pocket.
I stopped smoking October last year and thanks to my ecig I have never even thought about turning to a cigarette no matter how stressed I get, yes I still think about smoking but I never take any action.

I smoked at least 40 cigs a day, I was indeed a very heavy smoker, I would have one in my mouth almost every minute I was awake, and even during the night when I could not sleep I reached for a cancer stick.
I feel 100 times better I am a tad fitter I do not smell of cig smoke and my home is free from smoke unless I burn something cooking lol.
I have saved a few bucks, but like everyone the savings are pumped into bills and living costs.

The only downfall of not smoking is you turn your habit from hardly eating at all to eating more and more so you have to keep an eye on the weight or it will get a grip.
What annoys me is, the Government encourages everyone to stop smoking, even though they get a high tax through tobacco and yet, you are restricted from where you can vape?? Eh? I thought this was an alternative to smoking, but it seems not, the clouds of vapor caused by some ecigs frightens restaurants, cafes, cinemas ect, so they do not allow vaping? So what’s the point, I understand you cannot smoke cigarettes in these places and it is a rightful law, however vape does not exhale real smoke.

So it seems we have all been duped.
I am not saying I will never smoke again because I do not know when the urge will make me start again but for now I applaud the people who invented the ecig.

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