Vitamin D, The Importance.

Hey folks, how you doing? Well, I hope. As we get older, we are well aware that things may start to crack when you bend down, the back gets sore standing in the same place for hours, the sight starts to get blurry and the stomach begins to balloon lol, its all for some of us the natural progression into getting older.
Before anyone says something, I am relating these conditions to myself, how I am feeling, it may be that some people sail through life and never get ill, or they feel like they are young forever, well if you fall into that category, then well done and long may it continue.

Everything in the garden is rosy, well so you think, apart from the illnesses you know about, there are sometimes other issues running in the background, like a computer gets a virus, our bodies are prone to getting the same.
My latest blood results as requested by my Doctor, intimated that I was suffering from Vitamin D deficiency? Eh! I thought well I know I don’t take vitamins, but never thought I was deficient, anyway vitamin D is collected from the Sun, it is made into the vitamin when we spend times in the sunshine, all very well but I live in the UK, sunshine is a hit or a miss lol.

I was feeling tired, couldn’t be bothered doing anything, it was an effort at work etc, I never put it down to vitamin D deficiency, I put it down to my Mental Health issues.
The result was I have to take 5 tablets a day to build up my immunization, and I must admit I can feel the difference already, yeah I am still tired, but I put that down to boredom rather than medical.
I hope you get yourself checked, because Like me you may not be aware, it’s a weird thing considering it’s the sunshine who feeds you lol.

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