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Set the scene, we have just had a battering storm in this Country, Ciara, a storm that caused lots of damage and a few deaths by accident, people were flooded out of their homes, electricity power cuts were the norm, winds of a high gale force it was carnage for a weekend, however, it did not stop people trying to climb one of the highest mountains in the World Ben Nevis.

Four Students from Glasgow in Scotland thought it would be cool to try and scale the mountain in 80mph blizzard winds and stormy weather?

It was bad enough even attempting this, but these students didn’t even have the right equipment, and were wearing trainers?

I always assumed Students were intelligent beings, eagerly lapping up education to become what they desire later in life through study, but this lot are lucky to be alive?

They got separated during their climb and to be honest they were very lucky to survive in the storm battering the Country.

It took over 22 rescuer volunteers to get these muppets to safety wasting precious resources.

When will they ever learn?

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