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Whatever Next?

Dear friends, it just gets worse, rules after rules, Laws after Laws, do not do this, do not do that, it’s bad for you, eating a specific food is bad for you, Drinking soft Sugary drinks are bad for you? Age restrictions on many things in the UK and personally I think it’s getting a bit too much.

Without a doubt, Obesity is a problem Worldwide, we probably eat more Junk than proper foods that are good for you. I think our kids are more susceptible to Obesity for 2 reasons, the first being the amount of time they spend playing console games. The second being the amount of junk food consumed while playing?

I hate to say, but I think these rules are making the UK sound and look like a Nanny State.

The latest idea by Our Government is to BAN eating food on Public transport? What difference is that going to make? Kids/Adults would just eat the same stuff getting off the bus or train? Or eat it before they get on Public Transport and how would it be Policed? So how would a ban eating on Public Transport alleviate the situation? Would the ticket checkers on a Train have to tell people to stop eating on the train? How would a Bus driver know if someone is secretly munching on a Mars bar on the bus? Imagine the abuse they would get. Especially drunks, who often eat on Public transport if they can find their mouth LOL.

I do agree that the epidemic of Obesity Worldwide is an issue and a burden on the NHS, however, some ideas are fantasies.

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3 thoughts on “Whatever Next?”

  1. I agree, we are drowning in too many laws, and IMO the important ones, like those that safeguard our human rights, are too often ignored.

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