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When I need you!

It's light and small 
can save your life
make cool sounds
Keep in touch with the wife.

Go off anywhere
give you a fright
24 hours of noise
And even at night.
Glow in the dark
take some pics
plug in your ear
Do fine tricks.
Wake you up
free your hands
go on speaker
listen to bands
Keep you in touch
set new trends
shoot short videos
Send to friends.
But the downside is
It may all depend.
If the battery lasts
the more money you spend
Nothing you can do
stranded without hope
a useless tool
You feel like a dope.
Imagine being stranded
without a way to call
your nowhere near a garage
Or a shopping mall.
You would have to walk for miles
to the nearest pay phone
imagine how you would feel
When you grump and groan.
What if it was night-time
the air was damp and thin
you only have a T-shirt on
Passers-by would grin.
So friends listen here
if you travel afar
do yourself a favour
Fit a charger in your car.

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