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When you just can’t accept the answer NO.


Shamima Begum, pleads once more for the UK to accept her back? showing off a British Cushion cover in the background of her Tent in a Syria Camp.

I am puzzled to be able to understand why she is insisting she comes back here after joining a terrorist group? Does she think the people of the UK are fools?

She left with her school mates deliberately knowing full well the implications of her actions and the consequences to join isis, however, she does not seem to take this in.

when the answer is NO.

Her life over there was anything but magical, she knew she was going to join the faction ISIS so she must have known she would never be allowed back into this Country.

Shamima Begum & Kimberly Polman share a tent at a camp for foreign women in NE Syria. Begum is 20, & left the UK for ISIS 5yrs ago. Britain has said she’ll never be allowed back. Polman is in her 40s, also joined in 2015. She is waiting for a decision from the US or Canada.

Sajid Javid has the full backing of the Whole of the UK and if she is allowed back into the UK there will be a public outcry.

The saying “you made your bed now lie in it” applies to this scenario, so good luck.

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