Working life. Part 11


Hi folks, sorry about the delay, I took some time out to visit my family in Scotland, the first time I have been back home in 7 years lol, and it was worth every moment.
Going back to Scotland gave me memories I forgot I had, memories, some good, some embarrassing, and some not so good, but seeing my family really made me appreciate them, and family is important.

My first job leaving school was working in the café at Edinburgh Castle, the visitors’ cafe, millions of people all nationalities visited the Castle every year, Scottish tourism is quite rife, everyone seems to love visiting Scotland,
The job wasn’t the best but I earned money, not a lot, but I was thrilled to have found a job earlier than I thought, The lady Manageress was strict, she was like a Matron in a hospital, her name was Mrs Robertson, and she made us call her that all through the time I was there.
She ruled us with an iron rod, everyone was kinda scared of her, so we did our job, and done it right under her supervision.
It was kinda cool working in such a Historic place, Edinburgh Castle also had its own soldiers, who always came into the café for a brew and a sandwich.
The sandwiches were made on the premises, and to this day I can vision the amount of bread I buttered in that time.
I lasted quite a while in this job, it gave me experience and it made me realize there was a life after school.
I cannot remember exactly how long I was there, but while there I applied for other jobs, trying to get better pay as the pay for catering was as low as it is today, pretty poor, long hours and crap pay.

Trying to get a job without any qualifications is a tough Battle but with determination and commitment there are jobs out there, maybe won’t make you millions but it gives you the satisfaction of contributing to Society and that was my attitude and has been all my working life. I may have bipolar disorder but it has never affected my working ability, something I am proud of.

Too many people scrounge off the system and expect others to pay their way. Often using illness as an excuse, well I am live proof it can be done.



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  • Nicely written – look forward to your next article. I remember my first job at 15 yo Woolworths stacking things on shelves, later waiting on people, I hope you had a great vacation,

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