Workplace Bullying.


Hey peeps, hope you are well, today I would like to discuss Workplace Bullying and the impact it has on your Mental Health.

No one wants to be bullied at work, especially when you were bullied at school and you thought that was traumatic enough.

Too many people these days are in Authority, they are needed because Companies need someone to take charge of their interests or business and pay them an extra quid a day or so for their work, however you get people who just love the Authority and the Power that comes with it, especially when they have staff or assistants.

Some people are natural Managers, they fit every criteria, well-organized, pleasant, thank full and have the Staff jumping through hoops to help them, then you have the Managers who are nasty, rude, expect the moon and the stars never appreciate the staff, expect them to work their ass off, while they sit back, and cheat their way through the job even if it means adjusting figures etc.

When someone is Bullied in the Workplace it is hard to prove because often Managers stick together and when you take on the one you take on them all, they try their level best to make the innocent party the one causing the trouble, as they have Authority how can they be possibly wrong? Well, folks, they are, and more times than the staff working for them, they make countless mistakes.

They set out unachievable tasks and expect them to be fulfilled, or they keep badgering you until it is done.

They do no communication with you, except blurting out orders, and what they want to be done, they constantly patronize you throughout your shift, they make you stay on shift longer than you are paid for, just to agitate you, hoping for a scene, so they can tell The Manager just how uncooperative you have been throughout your shift, and YOU end up in front of the Manager for disciplinary action.

They often collide with other Staff members by giving them easier tasks, not asking them to do tasks they do not particularly like doing, give them tasks they should be doing themselves and constantly belittling the person being bullied, sitting in the Office while the other staff member watches the CCTV and having a good laugh.

All the above may or could be happening to you, and I beseech you to talk to someone about it, be it your friend at work, a professional you can trust, or even an Organization that can help you eg. Trade Union.

All too often these days people in Authority think they can do as they please, treat you as an imbecile and totally berate you throughout your shift, well folks it is time you stood up and get rid of these cretins before it is too late for you and your Mentality.




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