Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

Williams Writings

Welcome friends, Please enjoy my new Blog, packed full of everything from music to Scottish History.

We have all made mistakes in this life 
without them, we wouldn't be normal
sacrifices we have to make
Be it for real or sometimes informal.
So why do people get upset
When clearly they know it hurts you?
Wrapped up in their own little World
Like glass, you can see through.
Be it for real or maybe by chance
that it can affect all but you
the circumstance will dictate the outcome
This will indeed ring true..
Set aside selfishness in your life
people can thrive on the past
remember one chance is all you get
Live life to the full and have a blast.
Worry has always been a human trait
sadness can thrive in a lonely heart
it's better to treat others with respect
Be yourself and that's a good start.

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