I adore every part of your body
your lean and taste so divine
I cannot wait to hold you
I am selfish, and you are all mine.
But why can't I get enough of you?
when I know you are dangerous to me?
my life can end so horribly
everyone knows but I cannot see.
I call them spoilsports and evil
how could they despise you so much?
it’s not them you want to be near to
it’s me and thousands as such.
I have tried to live without you
put you away in a cupboard to forget
but I know in my mind I will unlock you
and once again will lose the bet.
Will you ever release me?
stop my brain from yearning away
I cannot forget the bond we have
I will try to stop you another day!
The more I get under your spell
the harder it is to say no
but for some health and other reasons
I know you have to go.
I may have to exorcise you
get the demons out of my head
but for now, I will think about you
in my dreams all alone, in bed.
When I awake in the morning
I may not want you near
it will depend on my will power
and the deepened constant fear.
If stress hits my daily routine
I may reach out for your calming powers
but if everything goes alright today
I will keep you in locked, secure, towers.

What is it like to try to stop smoking, many many people have tried? This is my 3rd Year and still going strong lol.
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William Sinclair Manson
Welcome friends. My name is William Sinclair Manson. I am 60 years young, I am Scottish but now living in a small village in England. I have been blogging for many Years but recently joined Wordpress and I love it. I have made many new dedicated friends here and hope to meet more around the World.

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